What to take

In order to make your stay in Pema Yang Dzong comfortable and safe, here you can find some advices about what is better to take with you.

Gompa material
We inform you that Pema Yang Dzong has some meditation cushion (zafus), but we recommend you to bring your own if possible, because we will not be able to provide it for everybody. Also you can take a floor mattress.

Accommodation in big tents
For those who will sleep in the big tents provided by the center, we inform you that we will make available all the inflatable mattresses, but you will have to bring your own sleeping bags.

Since the attacks in Paris, London or other cities, passport controls have been extended to certain countries in the Schengen zone. Due to the passport controls changes in the Schengen zone, it is recommended to take with yourself the passport, not only ID.
The strengthening of Border Police controls at airports has created long queues at ticket offices. Paris airports will install 45 new automated passport control rooms in Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle this summer to make it easier to cross borders.
Thus, we recommend you to check with your travel agency the validity of your travel documents.

Translations (audio system)
We inform you that during the initiations, we will use a wireless translation system via radio FM (each language will be broadcasted on a different channel that we will indicate you). This kind of audio material is usually used for the teachings of H.H. the Dalaï Lama (in Bodhgaya for example), or for other teachings. You will be able to receive the translation thanks to 2 kind of material: either your smartphone (via application “radio FM”), either with a small portable radio, digital preferably (owned by you), whatever the brand names, you just have to be able to connect some headphones or headset. You will find hereunder some pictures. Some portable radios allow you to connect 2 headphones or headsets (if you want to use it with a friend). For all these material, we kindly recommend you to plan some extra batteries that you will load into the gompa. We want to specify that if you choose to use your smartphone, it will be free from your phone plan, even if you have a non-french contract. A general test will be done on 5th august (morning) in the gompa.


     Smartphone          Portable radio            Headphones           Headset


Texts & Prayers
You will find hereunder the list of texts & prayers that we will use during the Pedling Chökhor. We recommend you to take it with you if you already have some of these texts. If not, you can contact the coordinator of your language, who will give you all the necessary information.
A special booklet including all these texts will be edited shortly in French, and will be available on your arrival (price not yet defined).

Beginning prayers:
1.    Tashi gyépa (Om nang si namdag…)
2.    7 lines prayer (Hung Orgyen yul gi nub…)
3.    Lineage prayer (Kunzang dorsem garab…)
4.    100 syllables mantra (Vajrasattva)
5.    7 branches prayer (Tchag tsel wa dang…)
6.    Short mandala offering: (Sa shi pö kyi..)
7.    Prayer to request the teachings (Sem tchen  nam ki sam pa dang…)

Texts & Prayers:
8.     Prayer to be said before breaks (nang drag rik sum…)
9.     Riwo sangchö (Sang offering in the mountain) (Lhatsun Namkha Jigme)
10.   Shower of blessing .Tsog offering practice (Mipham Rinpoche)
11.    Mahakala (Gönpo Maning)
12.   Manjushri prayer
13.    Ineffable ultimate confession (Dömed shagpa) (Yeshe ku chog…)
14.    7 branches prayer to Tara (potala yi né…)  
15.    Praise to the 21 Taras (Drolmä töpa)  (Om djetsun ma phag ma drölma…)
16.    Tara interjection
17.    Short prayer to Tara (Drolmai soldeb düpa)  (Om gyal wa kun ki…)
18.    Sangye Menla (Medecine Bouddha) (Stream of Lapis lazuli)
19.    Samantabadhra prayer
20.    Yeshe Tsogyal prayer (to Guru Rinpoche) (Maha guru djinlap kyi…)
21.   Prayer to the 3 kayas (Emaho trö drel chö ki shing kham su…)
22.    7 branches prayer (Dorje lopön sangye pel…)
23.   short Tara practice (Dudjom Rinpoche)
24.   Heart sutra (Prajnaparamita Sutra)
25.   Vajrakilaya (Dorje Phurba) daily practice
26.   Amitayus (Tsepame) daily practice
27.   Mandala offering to the 3 kayas (Phagpa jampel shönur kyur pa la chag tsel lo….)
28.   Stages of the auspicious words (Tashi Rimpa)  (mi gyur lhun po ku yi…)
29.   Sanskrit voyels and consons, Vajrasattva mantra and Tendrel nyingpo

Dedication prayers:
30.     Sönam di yi
31.     De she se tche
32.     Jampel pa wö…
33.    Dü sum sheg pe…
34.    Emaho ngo tsar…(Short prayer to take rebirth in Dewatchen)
35.    Gangteng Rinpoche’s long life prayer
36.    Sungtrul Rinpoche’s long life prayer
37.    Prayer for Tugsey Rinpoche’s swift rebirth
38.    Lama ku kham…
39.    Palden lame…
40.    Kunzang dorje…
41.    Sab sang theg chog….
42.    Dzam ling yang pe….
43.    Gyal wa kun gyi….
44.    Djang chub sem chog…
45.    Du sum sangye…
46.    Orgyen Rinpoche …
47.    Khen lob chö sum

It is also recommended to have the Kunzang Gongdu Nendro (preliminary practices) text and the Longchen Nyingtig Chod practice.

And some other things…
– Practice texts
– Mala + meditation cushion, floor mattress
– Usual medicines + prescription (if necessary)
– Camping equipment for the persons who will bring with their own tent : tent, sleeping bag + cover, inflatable mattress, inflator, gas stove, flashlight or headlamp … etc(for those who will stay in the collective tents, the inflatable mattress and the inflator will be made available to you)
– Bed linen (for the dormitory)
– Toiletries and towel
– Hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito lotion, repellent lotion or essential oils (citronella type)
– Warm clothing (the weather can be very variable at Blye)
– Rain clothes and footwear
– Umbrella
– Mobile phone, charger, battery + earphones (if used for translations)
– Portable radio + battery + earphones (if used for translations)
– Camera + battery
– Identification papers (passport, identity card, driving license, etc.)
– Alarm clock