Pedling Chokhor 2018

It is with great joy that we announce that the second part of Pedling Chokhor will take place in Blye, in the French Jura in August 2018.

H.E. Ganteng Tulku Rinpoche will offer to the participants of the event the rest part of initiations (those which were not offerred during the first part of the event), and mostly the second part will consist of lungs (reading transmissions) – Rinpoche will read all the texts related to the collection of Pema Lingpa’s teaching.

To receive a lung is indispencible in order to be able to read and practice the Vajrayana texts and get the results of studying and practice.

Rinpoche strongly encourages all the people who have participated in the first part of Pedling Chokhor to come and receive the second part which will be composed of a transmission of lungs (“authorizations of practice”) during 15 days, and some new initiations (during about 5 days). The whole event will last 3 weeks again.


Rinpoche said, that those who did not attend the first part of the initiations conferred in August 2017 are allowed to join the second part, under certain conditions. Indeed, those persons will be able to attend all the lungs and new initiations, apart from some, which will be indicated to us day by day.

Rinpoche wishes to inform us that this 2nd part of Pedling Chökhor is very important, for several reasons:

– First of all, to receive the lungs, that is to say the authorizations of practice directly from Master to disciple, through a direct oral transmission, is fundamental in order to be able to read and to practice correctly the various initiations received, and to be able to collect the fruits.

– In addition, a personal Vajrayana secret name will be attributed to us.

– We can attend ceremonies of masked monks, which are very important because they are conferred each year during a Drupchen in Bhutan. Being able to witness such dances is very rare in the West, and very beneficial.

We are warmly inviting both old and new participants to Pema Yang Dzong to take part in this significant historical event!