The Yeshe Khorlo Pema Yang Dzong association is extremely glad to announce, for the first time in the West,

the Peling Chokhor – The full transmission cycle of Pema Lingpa empowerments

His Eminence Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche

Saturday August 5th to Friday August 25th inclusive, 10 am – 5 pm daily

Please read all the information below before filling the form

Dear Friends,

We are extremely glad to welcome you this Summer 2017 to Pema Yang Dzong for the complete transmission of Pema Lingpa’s empowerment cycle which will be given by His Eminence Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche. This rare and precious event will take place in the West for the first time.

Organizing such a big event requires energy and money. For this great retreat to be accessible to all while allowing us to quickly collect the necessary funds for the organization, we need the help of everyone, and we are looking for economical solutions to rapidly ease the accounts.

All donations, whatever the amount, are welcome. Please keep in mind that, according to the teachings of the Buddha, supporting the spreading of the Dharma by any means is a time-honored source for the accumulation of merit. The collected funds will be used to cover extra expenses due to the organization of the event: equipment rental (tents, cooking equipment, dry toilets…etc.), financial support for ordained monks and nuns, for students needing assistance, and for current expenditures. If there are funds left after the event, they will be used for maintenance, renovation, or enlargement of the center to increase the accommodation capacity for future events.

As mentioned, to begin with booking and the purchase of materials, etc., we need help with funding. Therefore, we are proposing a time-progressive scale of rates: if you register and pay soon, you can save up to 20%, and the association will have the means to finance the initial expenses.

We wish to offer the teachings free of charge for ordained monks and nuns, as well as the meals if possible. If you are able to support the center in this matter, any donation is welcome (see registration form). Thank you in advance for your generosity.

If you live nearby and can provide lodging for one participant or more, please inform us. We will extend your offer to the people who have financial needs.

To make sure that everyone can participate, we are proposing three types of rates, taking everyone’s financial situation into account:

RATE 1: for those whose monthly net income is less than 1000 euros and children from 12 to 18 years old. No charge for children until 12.

– RATE 2: for those whose monthly net income is between 1000 and 2000 euros.

– RATE 3: for those whose monthly net income is more than 2000 euros.

In case of serious financial difficulties, please contact your coordinator.

We trust that you will choose the appropriate rate to pay for your registration, in accordance with your financial situation and your ability to be of benefit to others.

These fees include participation in the transmissions of the Peling Chökhor. You can choose between having 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and diner) or only lunch. The meal options are included in the global price. Accommodation will be charged separately.

The fee will be lower if you register early and/or if you stay more days.

We also recommend you bring a small amount in cash (1 or 2 euros per day) for the tsoks (food and drink offerings during the rituals) as this type of offering is usually provided by the participants. It is also possible and very welcome for you to bring your own offerings (biscuits, drinks, chocolate, sweets, etc.)!


    If you pay before February 28 2017 If you pay before April 30 2017 If you pay before June 30 2017 If you pay after June 30 2017 *
RATES IF YOU STAY With lunch only With the 3 meals With lunch only With the 3 meals With lunch only With the 3 meals With lunch only With the 3 meals
RATE 1 1-7 days 36 € 46 € 39 € 49 € 40,50 € 50,50 € 42 € 52 €
8-14 days 34 € 44 € 36,75 € 46,75 € 38,13 € 48,13 € 39,50 € 49,50 €
15 days and more 32 € 42 € 34,50 € 44,50 € 35,75 € 45,75 € 37 € 47 €
RATE 2 1-7 days 52 € 62 € 57 € 67 € 59,50 € 69,50 € 62 € 72 €
8-14 days 48 € 58 € 52,50 € 62,50 € 54,75 € 64,75 € 57 € 67 €
15 days and more 44 € 54 € 48 € 58 € 50 € 60 € 52 € 63 €
RATE 3 1-7 days 68 € 78 € 75 € 85 € 78,50 € 88,50 € 82 € 92 €
8-14 days 64 € 74 € 70,50 € 80,50 € 73,75 € 83,75 € 77 € 87 €
15 days and more 60 € 70 € 66 € 76 € 69 € 79 € 72 € 82 €

* but before August 5th.

Please note: If you can and wish to arrive before the 5th of August to help the center with the preparations, or to stay after the 25th to help with cleaning and arranging the center, we would be very grateful and thank you in advance. Please check the appropriate box in the registration form. Marc, who is in charge of karma yoga, will contact you about this. The cost of your lodging (at the center, or in a tent) during these few days of work before or after the event will be offered.We recommend that you attend all transmissions, if at all possible (3 weeks). However, you can also participate for a few days only, or you may attend one week or two.

Being a member of Pema Yang Dzong association is compulsory. The yearly membership fee is 40€, and the « contact » membership fee (valid for one event only) is 8€. Please check which one you will pay on the registration form. 


If you wish to stay on the land at Pema Yang Dzong (only camping places available during the event) please make your reservations at once as the number of places is limited. You can come with your own tent or your own caravan. We also have some spaces in a few collective tents (composed by a central space and 2 rooms, up to 4 people maximum).

Bathrooms: Solar showers and dry toilets will be installed in the meadow outside. This system was tested successfully during the Drupchen, 2013.


  • Tent/Caravan:  3€ per day

In the surrounding areas:

  • Camping: there are 2 campgrounds, at 2 and 5 kilometers: to put up a tent or rent a bungalow or a mobile-home (camping in Blye, at 1.5 km: tel. +33 – 3 84 48 30 55, and camping in Mesnois, at 5 km, very comfortable: also see
  • Gîtes or lodges: there are several flats to rent at about 1.5 to 6 km around Blye. Attention: it is necessary to book as soon as possible since this is a vacation period and there are many tourists! (see or call the Tourist Office at Clairvaux-les-Lacs: +33 – 3 84 25 27 47). English is spoken. 
  • Chambres d’hôtes: renting a room in a private house where you are served breakfast and meals is another comfortable possibility (in Charézier, see
  • Hotels: in Pont de Poitte, Doucier, Clairvaux-les-Lacs.

If you live close to the center and wish to accommodate one or more persons at your home during the transmissions, thank you in advance! Please, fill in the corresponding form and send it to us.


All meals are vegetarian.

You can have only lunch if you wish (convenient if you stay outside of the center), or have all three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Due to organizational reasons, it will not be possible to change your choice after the retreat has started.

Tea and coffee breaks are offered during the day.


Your payment must be sent together with your registration, by bank transfer (see details below) in euros only. Don’t forget to mention «Pedling Chökhor» as the reason for your wire transfer :


Bank name : Banque Populaire de Clairvaux

IBAN: FR76 1080 7000 1302 3190 6030 374


Important : please send a copy of your bank transfer, as well as the precise date you did the transfer to the following email address :

or to your YK COORDINATOR:

  • Germany : Inès (
  • Estonia : Karin (
  • France : Rosalie or Laurence (
  • Poland : Ania (
  • Russia : Ilya (
  • Switzerland : Marion (
  • Slovenia : Mateja (
  • Ukraine : Natasha (
  • Other : Rosalie or Laurence (

Your registration will be complete and effective only after the coordinator receives proof of your payment. He or she will then give you a confirmation by email.


If you wish to cancel your registration for any reason, here are the cancellation terms:

  • Cancellation before April 30, 2017: we will refund 100% of your payment (minus the bank transfer costs)
  • Cancellation between May 1 and June 30, 2017: we will refund 50% of your payment (minus the bank transfer costs)
  • Cancellation after July 1, 2017: no refund.

In case of force majeure (death of a family member, illness) or visa refusal preventing you to come, please contact us.


This event is organized entirely by a team of volunteers. But such a big event can only take place with the participation of all. Therefore, everyone will need to offer a little bit of his/her time every day (in the morning during the self-initiation, during the meal services or in the evening) by taking part in the collective tasks listed on the registration form (« karma yoga »). We thank you in advance. You will receive a badge with your team’s color at your arrival, and will be informed of the name of the person in charge of your team.

Please check the box on the registration form according to your preferences. During your stay, you may be asked to join some other team depending on what is needed.


Since it is not easy to reach Blye by public transportation, we would like to propose a car-sharing solution for the students who don’t have their own cars (from Lons-le-Saunier or other places when arriving or departing, and from and to the gîtes/hotels/campgrounds in the surrounding villages in the mornings and evenings during the retreat). The driver and his/her passengers will decide on how to share the costs. If you wish to occasionally help other students to reach the center during their stay or to reach the railway station or another destination at their departure, please check off the appropriate box on the registration form. If you are available to take passengers in your car, or if you are looking for a car and a driver, we also recommend subscribing to the car-pooling internet website, which is very easy to use and has reasonable fees.


During such an event, it might be helpful to know that health professionals are present on the spot, in case someone needs first medical advice or emergency care. If you can offer help, please check the corresponding box on the registration form.

A first aid kit will be available at the center in case of need.

Please note the emergency phone numbers in France : Ambulances – Samu (15) – Police (17) – Firemen (18) – Emergency calls (112)


Rinpoche will mainly speak in Tibetan and will be translated into 4 or maybe 5 languages. Translation into French, English, and German will be offered. Depending on the number of people registered for other language groups, it is likely that there will be more. You will be able to listen to the translation through a headphone system during the empowerments.


The practice texts corresponding to the empowerments bestowed by Rinpoche will be available at the shop, in several languages. We recommend that you bring the following basic texts, if you have them:

  • Confession prayer (Yeshe Ku-Cho)
  • Sang offering in the mountain (Ri-Wo Sang-Chö)
  • Mahakala Daily Practice (Gön-po Maning)
  • Opening and Closing Prayers
  • Rain of Blessing (Tsok Offering)
  • The Preliminary Practice of Künzang Gongdü
  • Offering the Three-Kaya Mandala
  • Samantabhadra Prayer
  • Mahaguru Mönlam
  • Longchen Nyingthig Chöd

Those texts will be available at the shop. You can order them in advance by sending an email to :


Please note that our animal friends are not accepted in the gompa.

We also want to remind you that smoking is prohibited in all the buildings as well as in the whole area of the center, as soon as you pass the welcome arch.

Alcohol is tolerated only if used in a moderate way.

WiFi will be available. You may get the access code upon request – just ask.

We also want to remind you that your presence in this spiritual place requires respectful and peaceful behavior during your whole stay. Any outburst or inappropriate conduct or speech might result in being immediately expelled by the organization staff, without any refund.

Cars must be parked in the appropriate indicated places.    


The Buddhist center of Pema Yang Dzong is located below the village of Blye (39130), in the French Jura, at about 20 kilometers from Lons-le-Saunier.

The nearest airports are:

  • Geneva airport (Switzerland), then train from Geneva to Lons le Saunier.
  • Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport (tram shuttle to Lyon Part-Dieu train station, and then train to Lons-le-Saunier).

The nearest train station: Lons-le-Saunier (train schedules in French:

You can also take a bus from Paris, Lyon or Genova to come to Lons le Saunier (nearest bigger city close to Blye) :

The prices are affordable (about 9 euros from Genova and from 19 to 29 euros from Paris)